June 29, 2022

Biden Delivers Most Expensive July 4th in History

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By: Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

After bragging last year about a few pennies in savings for a cookout, the Biden administration has delivered the most expensive Independence Day in American history for 2022.

According to a survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation ground beef prices are up 36% from a year ago while chicken breasts have increased by a third. Celebrants can expect to spend 17% more on food than on this day a year ago, making this the largest increase since tracking data started a decade ago.

The Background:

But this economy isn’t just hurting those who want to stay and celebrate close to home.

After two years of travel restrictions, many Americans wanting to travel and see friends and family across the United States are now unable to financially afford it.

According to Forbes.com, “domestic airfare is averaging $437 per round trip ticket, up 45% compared to 2019. International flights are up to $1,200 per ticket, up 31% since 2019” in part due to jet fuel prices up 134% compared to 2019.

America is abundant with natural resources, especially energy. So what is holding us back? The lack of leaders who care more about everyday Americans than the corrupt liars in the laughable global warming movement.

And because Biden shut down sources close to home (Keystone Pipeline ringing a Liberty Bell?), this will be a long recession.  Energy that does not require being imported brings down the cost of everything, from manufacturing to shipping. But alas, as long as the Libral left calls the shots, this is but a pipe dream (pun intended).

And why, you ask? As John Nolte wrote for Breitbart  “Because Democrats see human beings as a disease, like a virus killing their precious Mother Earth. They especially hate everyday Americans because they cannot control us (which is why Americans are awesome) — and this is why Democrats flood the country with illegal aliens hoping to replace us. They want all of America to be like Southern California.”

Notable Quotes:
“His Fraudulency Joe Biden used the last 4th of July to gaslight Americans into believing inflation was no big deal, nothing more than a Republican talking point.” - Breitbart.com

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