September 15, 2021

Biden Declares Vaccine Mandate for 100+ Employee Companies

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 
On Thursday, Joe Biden announced a new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule requiring employers with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccines in their companies. The rule lets employees opt out of the vaccine if they get tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. An employer will face fines up to $14,000 per unvaccinated/untested individual if they allow the employee to continue being a part of their company. The new rule would affect $80 million Americans.

The Background: 
President Joe Biden’s “patience is wearing thin” for Americans who do not want to get vaccinated. After failing to meet his self-imposed vaccination rate in July, the Biden administration is looking for ways to hit its goals.

The most recent tactic is to mandate that 100+ employee companies require their employees to be vaccinated. The OSHA rule change will affect over 80 million employees.

The iron-fisted mandate has faced harsh criticism from private companies, Republican politicians, and even some union bosses.

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire immediately issued a statement saying they will not be following the rule and will fight back: “The Daily Wire has well over 100 employees. We will not enforce Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate. We will use every tool at our disposal, including legal action, to resist this overreach. More to come.”

Republicans came down harsh on Biden as well. Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie said, “this is absolutely unconstitutional.” Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy also called the mandate “ridiculous and unenforceable.”

The Biden administration has not announced when the rule change will take effect.

Notable Quotes:

“Biden and the radical Democrats (have) thumbed their noses at the Constitution.” - Gov. Henry McMaster (R-SC)

“[The Daily Wire is] going to use every method and resource at our disposal to defy the President’s unconstitutional order. And this is coming from somebody who is very pro-vaccine.” - Ben Shapiro

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