March 18, 2023

Bank of America Gave Gun Sales Information to the FBI

  • Flyover Country

By Jackson Kincaid


In Brief:

According to numerous whistleblowers, Bank of America helped the FBI flag American citizens using their purchase history, without warrants or informing customers they were using their personal data and handing it over to the Federal Government. 


The Background: 

Tucker Carlson has exposed Bank of America for spying on their customers and tattle-taling on them to the FBI. Specifically, they have been on a witch hunt for anyone possibly fitting the profile as having been near the U.S. Capitol on or prior to the  January 6th “riots.”

 According to Fox News: “More than 200 people were reportedly identified as fitting the profile, which included engaging in transactions in D.C. on Jan.5 or Jan. 6, renting hotel rooms, buying weapons within a specified date range, as well as making certain flight purchases. The individuals identified were reportedly flagged to federal authorities without their knowledge.”

When questioned, Bank of America would only state: “All banks have responsibilities under federal law to cooperate with law enforcement inquiries in full compliance with the law.”

Yet according to the whistleblower, Retired FBI National Security Intelligence Supervisor George Hill, Bank of America had “no directive from the FBI.” 


Notable Quotes: 

“In any event, that a large financial institution may have provided evidence to the FBI in the aftermath of the attack on the Capitol is hardly newsworthy, and certainly not evidence of FBI misconduct.” – Democratic Judiciary Committee

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