December 9, 2022

Balenciaga: Liberal Elitism v.s. Cowardice

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By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Clothing design company Balenciaga, who up until very recently was known for their expensive taste, will forever now be known by conservatives as the company that unwittingly exposed the liberal elite and their hypocrisy. 

The Background: 

Balenciaga recently published its spring/summer 2023 campaigns. However, discerning eyes were quick to notice that there was more than initially met the eye. And as the prodding turned to digging, curiosity turned to horror and then rage. 

The campaign featured children holding stuffed teddy bears who appear to be wearing BDSM (sexual fetish) clothing and accessories. This image also included a roll of caution tape reading “Baal.” Baal, the false demon deity of ancient Cannonite who required the blood sacrifice of children.

In yet another image, this one in partnership with Adidas, there was a diploma featuring the name of a convicted pedophile. And in yet another, there appears to be a messy work desk advertising for a handbag. But zoom in and that paperwork is actually a copy of the 2008 Supreme Court ruling, United States vs. Williams. What is United States vs. Williams?  A petition by sex offender Michael Williams who was charged with possession and "pandering" of child pornography after he told an undercover secret service agent he had sexually explicit pictures of his own minor daughter.

How is the world of celebrities who endorse this brand reacting? How is Adidas handling its partnership? Unlike their swift giving of the boot to Ye (formerly Kanye) for his horrific comments of antisemitism, there are mere crickets. So, to the very few brave celebrities who have condemned this, thank you.

Notable Quotes: 

“I stand by Balenciaga and denounce all witch hunts and I cancel cancel-culture…never turn our backs Demna and the Balenciaga family for life Cancel cancel culture Jesus please heal.”[sic] –Ye

"I can't imagine what transpired for something so egregious, outrageous and symbolically damaging, like this, to happen: it feels like a sign of the times and the media social and otherwise, overall." – Bethany Frankel



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