October 19, 2021

 Australian Leadership Admit Natural COVID Immunity is Valid

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief: 

After over a year of draconian lockdowns, and strict vaccine mandates, leading Australian epidemiologists have changed their message. 

Up until now, regional authorities have enforced a second, third, and even a sixth stay-at-home order. 

But now, citizens are being told that they should “definitely want” to get COVID-19 if they are vaccinated because immunity will be “sort of topped up” by natural infection. After a record of enforcing some of the most dictatorial mandates, Australian leaders are finally admitting that getting COVID-19 could lead to herd immunity. 

The Background: 
Almost no country has been more draconian than Australia when it comes to COVID-19.

The country has instituted massive lockdowns regionally. The capital city of Melbourne has enforced six different stay-at-home orders. And if the current lockdown orders stay in place through the planned end date, many of the city’s residents will have been in lockdown for a cumulative 267 days.

But not only that, authorities in the two largest Australian states have been using facial recognition software to verify that citizens are still at home. Those citizens can receive a random request from the government to take a photo of themselves at home within 15 minutes or they may be tracked down by police.

Add to that regional vaccine mandates placed on large portions of the workforce.

So with all these draconian policies, you would think that Australia would want its citizens to not get the virus as they begin to lift lockdown orders.

But it turns out they do.

The Courier Mail reported that Australian scientists are telling people they should want to get infected. Australian microbiologist Peter Collignon said, “You might want to get it, you definitely want to get it… You definitely want to be vaccinated before you get it, because if you're vaccinated your risk of death goes down.”

Despite their best efforts, it seems that Australia is finally giving up its misguided fight to keep all of its citizens locked down indefinitely.

Notable Quotes: 

“It's immunity you want supported by the vaccine but then sort of topped up, by circulation and that's really what's going to ultimately lead to make this turn this virus into basically an endemic, common cold causing virus, and that's what you want it to be.” - University of Newcastle Professor Nathan Bartlett

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