November 16, 2021

Arizona School Board President Kept Personal Info on Conservative Parents

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By: Konrad Holden

In Brief:
The school board president for the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) has allegedly kept a dossier on 47 parents who have spoken out publicly against the district. The dossier contains names, Social Security numbers, background checks, mortgage documents, and even a divorce paper on allegedly disgruntled parents. More than 650 Scottsdale parents signed a petition calling for the president to resign. As of today, the school board president has been forced to step down. 

The Background:
Jann-Michael Greenburg, the school board president for Scottsdale Unified School District, is in hot water after it was revealed that he allegedly either created or had access to a Google Drive folder containing personal information on parents who have spoken out against the school district’s policies.

The Google Drive folder was revealed after Greenburg sent a screenshot of a file with her name on it to a parent during a discussion about comments she had made.

Greenburg has “categorically denied” that he has anything to do with the drive. 

The Google Drive shows that 4 people have access: Jann-Michael Greenburg, Greenburg’s father, another school board member named Zachary Lindsey, and an unidentified Scottsdale woman.

Lindsey denied any connection saying the email address tied to him is a personal account with over 150,000 unread emails in it.

One of the more notable files in the Google Drive is a video which shows someone taking pictures of parents protesting the school board. The man says, “Somewhere around here we have a private investigator who's writing down all of their plates. They don't know it's me … I covered up my license plate."

Greenburg refused to comment upon request from Fox News even though 650 parents called for his resignation. He stepped down today, after the school board decided to select a different president in hopes of moving beyond the debacle. 

The Scottsdale Independent created this copy of the Google Drive before it was made private last week.

Notable Quotes:

“I categorically deny having anything to do with any of this. If you are going to claim in a story right now that I had anything to do with this, I would argue that crosses the line.” - Jann-Michael Greenburg in an interview with Scottsdale Independent

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