May 3, 2023

Another Insurrection, but Liberal-Supported Trans Mob

  • Executive, Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett


In Brief:

Protest, insurrection, mob, chaos, violence, threats? All the words that have been used by the liberal left to describe the January 6th happenings. Yet they support it when it fits their agenda?

The Background: 

Montana’s capital was stormed recently by an angry mob of protesters. Yet where is the mainstream media? Crickets…why? Because it was started by a transgender “lawmaker” who quickly turned into a lawbreaker. Montana state Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D-Missoula) claimed that Republicans who supported banning minors from gender-changing surgeries and hormone replacement had “blood on their hands.” Zephyr also was incensed at the banning of minors from drag shows (not banning the shows themselves, just minors from attending).

The timing of this particular comment seems insensitive in the extreme as it so closely follows the horrific school shooting in Nashville at the hands of a transgender who was receiving the support they demanded. Zephyr also took it another step further by mocking the legislators’ prayers: “If you vote yes on this bill and yes on these amendments I hope the next time there’s an invocation, when you bow your heads in prayer, you see the blood on your hands.” Zephyr’s remarks were ruled to be a violation of legislative decorum. 

The Helena Independent Record reported “A heavy law enforcement presence was visible at the Capitol on Monday with officers from the Montana Highway Patrol, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies, and the Helena Police Department. MHP, which holds the security contract for the Capitol, was posted in the gallery. As the crowd stood and yelled, and some threw red gloves onto the floor, officers attempted to move the crowd toward exits. Some in the crowd complied and others refused, leading to multiple arrests.”

Those arrested were charged with a misdemeanor and released without bond — in contrast to those arrested for non-violent trespassing and disrupting in the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 many of whom were held for months before trial, with some pleading guilty to federal crimes, often felonies, reports Breitbart. 

Zephyr has been banned from attending and disallowed to talk about proposals and amendments for the remainder of the session which ends next week. However, Zephyr can vote remotely.

Notable Quotes: 

"I'm suing. The recent actions violate my first amendment rights, as well as the rights of my 11,000 constituents to representation. Montana's State House is the people’s House, not Speaker Regier’s, and I’m determined to defend the right of the people to have their voices heard." – Zooey Zephyr via Twitter



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