December 16, 2020

AG Barr Resigns, Kept Things Quiet About Hunter Biden 

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By: Amy Jo Underwood

In Brief:

Attorney General Bill Barr announced his resignation and will leave office on December 23rd. President Trump stated his appreciation and support for Barr, but voiced his frustration that AG Barr did not make public the DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden. 

The Background:

Attorney General Bill Barr announced his resignation this week, while affirming his continued support for President Trump. According to the Wall Street Journal, AG Barr took steps to prevent the public from knowing about an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden. Republicans had been asking the Department of Justice to investigate Hunter Biden and his foreign business affairs, particularly his connections with China, but AG Barr had avoided elaborating on the situation. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the DOJ had been investigating Hunter Biden for some time, and AG Barr had kept that information from the public, having had knowledge of the investigation since at least before the spring of 2020. Federal investigation into Hunter Biden has been ongoing to some extent for over a year, according to sources who spoke to the Wall Street Journal. 

President Trump stated his frustration that news of the investigation did not break before the election. However, this was due to an interpretation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits Department of Justice members from acting in a way that could influence the outcome of an election. Trump has stated that the public deserved to know about potential criminal activity involving the family of Joe Biden. It is still unknown as to what extent Joe Biden profited off of his son’s foreign dealings. 

Notable Quotes:

“Why didn’t the Fake News Media, the FBI and the DOJ report the Biden matter BEFORE the Election? Joe was lying on the debate stage that nothing was wrong, or going on.” - President Trump, Twitter 


Amy Jo Underwood writes from Alabama

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