September 2, 2022

Abbott to New York Mayor: "Come On Down"

  • Flyover Country

By Ophelia Garrett

In Brief: 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) defended his decision to bus illegal immigrants to New York City, explaining that most of America didn’t understand “the magnitude of the problem that we have on the border until” buses of migrants started showing up in New York, which the governor noted was supposed to be a sanctuary city. 

The Background: 

Gov Abbott came under scrutiny the last few months after he decided to bus illegal immigrants to the sanctuary cities of D.C, who in turn bussed them to another sanctuary city- New York City.

“Most of America has not really understood the magnitude of the problem that we have on the border until we started sending these buses up to New York. Remember, this is not a Texas problem. This is an American problem caused by the President of the United States of America. And so many people have been blind to this until suddenly buses of migrants started showing up in their city, which is a sanctuary city, by the way,” Governor Abbott said. 

“Americans in places like New York would benefit from that because if all Americans saw what we see every single day, they would be trying to put pressure on the president like we have been doing to change the president’s policies. Remember this — two years ago we had the lowest border crossings in decades. And then when President Biden took over, he eliminated all of the policies that created a secure border, and now we have the highest number of illegal border crossings ever,” Abbot continued. 

Notable Quotes: 

“But we still have an open invitation to the mayor of New York to come down to Texas and see exactly what’s going on.” – Gov. Greg Abbott to New York City mayor Eric Adams

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