December 15, 2019

2019: 'Particularly Active Year for UFOs'

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By: Nate James

In Brief:

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were super active in 2019, according to reports.

The Background:

The New York Post reports:

It’s been a helluva year for Unidentified Flying Objects.

Once thought to be fictional works used to sell tabloids, 2019 has been awash with news of UFOs, aliens and strange phenomenon — including reports (complete with video) from verifiably sane sources.

Why It Matters:

The truth is out there…

Notable Quotes:

“A husband (former law enforcement) and wife (scientist), while sitting outside their recreational vehicle at a public campsite, witnessed a very bright light approach their campsite from the south in an erratic manner, appearing to slow or stop on several occasions as it drew near. It got within 50 yards, they estimate, of their campsite, at which time, out of a sense of alarm, the husband reached for his .45 caliber sidearm, but he felt unable to use his arm, or lift the firearm. The object, estimated by the witnesses to have been approximately 20 feet in diameter, hovered nearby for approximately 8 seconds, and then suddenly accelerated toward the west, and disappeared very quickly to the west.”

Nate James writes from Texas.

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